Thu. May 30th, 2024

About Us


Our Approach

Since 2013

RBE has been among the forefront of Battle Rap Culture innovation, creativity, ground breaking battles, and classic events. RBE has built its worldwide viewership and stellar within the Hop Hop world. After emerging in NYC and then expanding to other states such as Atlanta and Houston, RBE has maintaining unique themes, game changing energy. As RBE continues to provide a go to platform for elite as well as up and coming talent, our fan base continue to expand to new fans and a celebrity following around the world.


What We Are

A Premiere Entertainment, Hip Hop, Battle Rap, Promotions, Management, Marketing, and Sponsorship Platform. Founded in 2013 by A.R.P. and Shotta and has since become one of the most entertaining and creative HipHop platforms to reach a world wide audience.