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Since 2013

RBE has been the most innovative and creative Battle Rap/HipHop platform to emerge out of NYC. Maintaining unique themes, classic battles, game changing ideas, and stellar artist presentation that has captivated fans around the world


Rare Breed Entertainment

A Premiere Entertainment, Battle Rap, Promotions, Management, and Sponsorship Platform. Founded in 2013 by A.R.P. and Shotta and has since become one of the most entertaining and creative HipHop platforms to reach a world wide audience

Meet the Team


Founder & Co-Owner

From early dealings in the world of Hip Hop as a blogger to then co-founding and running his own talent based platform. With a unique eye for talent, game changing creative ideas, and a professional business background that has helped take RBE to fans around the world



Founder & Co-Owner

With beginnings in the entertainment world as a promoter and Manger of Dancehall talent. To then co-founding the RBE platform and pushing the company to fans around the world. Stay tuned as Shotta also expands his keen fashion knowledge into the RBE Apparel releases




Joining the company in 2014 and now heavily involved in RBE promotions, talent coordination, and lead scout for 1SK Battles. Follow Lawrence as he becomes a more active blogger and entry point for new talent into the RBE platform